Sometimes I Really Want To Meet A Singapore Social Escort.. My Secret Thoughts

I have been single for many years, and sometimes I secretly feel it is time to try booking a social escort Singapore with the so called girlfriend experience, which is an old concept now rekindled by some escort agencies in Singapore, just to see how it feels ‘loved’.

Perhaps one of the main motivators was actually me seeing this post on the girlfriend experience on Today Online, where it was mentioned that local companies (one was an escort agency, while the other was a so called rent a date company) are selling rental dates. The difference between them is that the rent a date company does not allow even light non sexual physical touches and rents out platonic friends, while I am guessing the Singapore escort agency provides social escorts and since they have been around for decades, I shall not elaborate on their type of services.

One of the biggest things that actually caught my eye this time round was the focus on the girlfriend experience, also known as GFE in Singapore. They also seemed to put emphasis on their escorts as having experience serving business clients instead of sleazy guys… I certainly hope people also classify me under an ex business executive rather than a sleazy old man! But anyway, moving on, that was something that piqued my interest.

This is because while any Tom Dick or Harry can set up an escort services website, the escorts on most of these newbie web pages or web sites are mostly either just international foreigners or bimbos with no brains. Like I mentioned in my first post on my blog, I am a very big fan of Singaporean girls as well as intelligent ladies and women. I repeat, I only like Singaporean ladies – yes, call it a fetish, a desire or a fantasy. I have dated beautiful foreign ladies from other parts of the world like Europe, UK, New Zealand, even Hong Kong and more when I was still in my 20s, but no one comes close to that of local Singapore citizenship ladies in my personal honest opinion. Well, perhaps the Hongkong girl came quite close in terms of personality and more, but there is just something about SG. Perhaps it is just because it is my home town after all.

Anyway, Singapore has a very conservative attitude towards such services, and people are usually shunned for using such a service. Therefore, I kept putting that thought away since I was 41. I am already now 49 years old in age, and soon to be 50! I think that if I do not go for an escort in Singapore one of these days, I probably will have no time nor energy to meet one any more. Besides, I have also heard that some of the models may have race or age preferences, especially if one is too old – perhaps even older than her dad! I certainly would not want to get rejected by a social escort for being too old. But right now, I am still of the suitable age.

I am writing this here instead of publishing on my blog’s home page, because I want this to remain more of a secret, instead of publishing it out loud to all of my feed subscribers, because I am still pondering about this issue, and if I should actually go and make a booking for a social escort.