Dating Woes For Men Over 45 In Singapore

One thing I have noticed in Singapore is that it can be difficult for men over 45 or 50 to go about dating in the traditional ways in the country. I am personally 49 years of age, and can attest to this! I have faced such issues ever since I was in my early to mid 40s actually.

Here are some of the commonly recommended solutions I have tried, and the problems I have faced respectively.

Using mobile dating applications

using mobile application
Man using dating application on his phone

While I am definitely still tech-savvy, and do not have any learning problems with any kind of technology related applications, I have to admit two very big issues I faced when it comes to using this to try to meet girls in Singapore.

First up, the problem I faced was that such swipe based dating applications are usually very heavily appearance based. People judge each other based on looks, and as you can possibly already guess, I am not the most handsome guy, and would definitely even say I may be below average!

Second of all, I do not feel comfortable understating my age, however, most girls in Singapore definitely pick age ranges when it comes to their dating preferences when indicating with such mobile applications. As a result, I believe my profile is not even being shown to the demographic which I like. Therefore, it is absolutely futile trying to get a match in this manner!

It can be quite disheartening, and after three consecutive years of trying this method to meet Singaporean women, I gave up, and deleted all such applications off my phone permanently.

Picking up local Singaporean chicks at the clubs

Singaporean ladies dancing at a local night club

They think that I am of their father’s age. Since most of the local ladies who head over to clubs or bars are mostly in their twenties, and I certainly do not look young for my age, many of them actually ‘uncle-zone’ me.

Unless you intend to open a table, then maybe you can raise some eyebrows. While I have tried that before, the girls quickly lose interest once they learn about your age. I am not sure if going to the club is even a good idea for men to meet ladies in Singapore if you are above the age of 40, or if one looks like he’s in his 50s already, which I do!

Picking up ladies at bars throughout Singapore

Image of a bar

This is actually not a bad idea – if you want to look for foreign nationality girls. You will be surprised at how much success you can potentially see with them when it comes to this method – looking for women at bars in Singapore. In fact, they like middle aged men more, as they usually represent more income and wealth stability.

Unfortunately, I only like Singaporean girls, and so this was quite annoying for me, as the locals are mostly unresponsive. I did go out with one girl for about one year plus through this method, so I will say that out of the above few traditional methods of trying to date in Singapore, this is probably the better way, though no way near effective.


However, I have to say that I may have found a solution to all of these, and I will be revealing it in my next post – which is actually dating agencies and matchmakers! So, stay tuned to my blog!

If you are interested in this also, I am also recently secretly thinking about using the services of an escort in Singapore, specifically through an escort agency for a Singaporean girl