Singapore Dating & Matchmaking Agencies – Embarrassing or Godsent?

In my previous post, I talked about how men above 45 face dating problems in Singapore, but I have seemingly found an age old solution, and that is matchmaking services for singles. However, there seems to be a social stigma attached to these matchmaking and dating agencies in Singapore, but if we were to actually look past that, I believe websites like these may potentially be a god sent gift for men like us! Here is why I think that.

After doing my independent research online, I realized that most Singaporean men who apply to matchmaking agencies are actually in their late 30s or early 40s. In fact guys in Singapore who are in this age range also tend to look for sugar babies or escorts as illustrated by this post according to a Singapore escort agency service! This means that my demographic and age group would be right up their alley, as they are experienced in matching people like me up.

Second of all, at my age, I do not have time to play any kind of games with these girls. I just want to find someone suitable to settle down with and start a family. Since not everyone dates and go about dating with marriage as a potential end goal result, it may be more worthwhile with regards to my time to just use an external third party matchmaking agency to help me deal with this instead.

Dating with marriage as end goal results?

Most women who are out in the clubs and about are not looking for a man in his forties. Neither are they open to dating such a man. However, female clients at matchmaking agencies are often far more open, and some even actively look for a man who is more mature due to the potentially higher financially security that he will be able to provide for his woman as opposed to a younger guy in his mid to late 20s, all else being equal.

There are some companies in Singapore which slant more towards a dating events company. These are basically companies which arrange for mass speed dating and more. I personally have been to some of these, and while it is much cheaper, I find it pretty much useless. In my above examples, I am referring to good old matchmaking by traditional matchmakers, who provide one to one dating services for single men and women. In my personal opinion, they work great for people my age! I signed up just a few months ago with one (sorry my memory is getting older and forgetful, but I will add in their name here when I remember it) and so far so good, met two suitable ones so far and things may be kicking off with one of them so far!

Dating Woes For Men Over 45 In Singapore

One thing I have noticed in Singapore is that it can be difficult for men over 45 or 50 to go about dating in the traditional ways in the country. I am personally 49 years of age, and can attest to this! I have faced such issues ever since I was in my early to mid 40s actually.

Here are some of the commonly recommended solutions I have tried, and the problems I have faced respectively.

Using mobile dating applications

using mobile application
Man using dating application on his phone

While I am definitely still tech-savvy, and do not have any learning problems with any kind of technology related applications, I have to admit two very big issues I faced when it comes to using this to try to meet girls in Singapore.

First up, the problem I faced was that such swipe based dating applications are usually very heavily appearance based. People judge each other based on looks, and as you can possibly already guess, I am not the most handsome guy, and would definitely even say I may be below average!

Second of all, I do not feel comfortable understating my age, however, most girls in Singapore definitely pick age ranges when it comes to their dating preferences when indicating with such mobile applications. As a result, I believe my profile is not even being shown to the demographic which I like. Therefore, it is absolutely futile trying to get a match in this manner!

It can be quite disheartening, and after three consecutive years of trying this method to meet Singaporean women, I gave up, and deleted all such applications off my phone permanently.

Picking up local Singaporean chicks at the clubs

Singaporean ladies dancing at a local night club

They think that I am of their father’s age. Since most of the local ladies who head over to clubs or bars are mostly in their twenties, and I certainly do not look young for my age, many of them actually ‘uncle-zone’ me.

Unless you intend to open a table, then maybe you can raise some eyebrows. While I have tried that before, the girls quickly lose interest once they learn about your age. I am not sure if going to the club is even a good idea for men to meet ladies in Singapore if you are above the age of 40, or if one looks like he’s in his 50s already, which I do!

Picking up ladies at bars throughout Singapore

Image of a bar

This is actually not a bad idea – if you want to look for foreign nationality girls. You will be surprised at how much success you can potentially see with them when it comes to this method – looking for women at bars in Singapore. In fact, they like middle aged men more, as they usually represent more income and wealth stability.

Unfortunately, I only like Singaporean girls, and so this was quite annoying for me, as the locals are mostly unresponsive. I did go out with one girl for about one year plus through this method, so I will say that out of the above few traditional methods of trying to date in Singapore, this is probably the better way, though no way near effective.


However, I have to say that I may have found a solution to all of these, and I will be revealing it in my next post – which is actually dating agencies and matchmakers! So, stay tuned to my blog!

If you are interested in this also, I am also recently secretly thinking about using the services of an escort in Singapore, specifically through an escort agency for a Singaporean girl