[Phil Jones]

Phil Shiva Jones has created a new soul-stirring musical journey that will transport you into a spiraling, spiritual enlightenment of your inner self, allowing you to reach deep beyond your senses. This continuous moving magic merges the inspirational devotional chants of the East with the innovative, rhythmic electronic World Beat influences of the West. Explore the mystical movement of Raga Rock, and Euro Trance Dance on the meditational magic carpet ride of Phil "Shiva" Jones.

[Phil Jones and Ralph Beauvert]

Phil Jones and Ralph Beauvert have developed a passionate and focused approach to writing music that addresses the global community today, and we are optimistic that we can, as individuals and collectively, cure the disease that is currently plaguing our Earth with positive thoughts and empowering actions. This music is our personal contribution to bringing more balance and harmony to the world. This album is a collection of progressive New Thought rock music, with a satirical tongue-in-cheek look at ourselves and society. Featuring Dolphin Dreaming and Didgeridoo Medicine Man.

[Phil Jones and Ralph Beauvert]

Divine Chant is a collection of spiritual and meditative songs. They are designed to open the heart chakra and bring the listener to a place of serenity and divine connection. This CD includes some Quintessence remakes, such as Ganga Mai, Giants, Sri Ram Chant, Hallelujah and Hail Mary/Divine Mother Chant.

[Phil Jones and Ralph Beauvert]

Shiva Jones is back! Shiva (Phil) Jones, the soulful lead singer of the renowned 1970's mystical rock band Quintessence, and his musical partner, Swiss recording artist Ralph Beauvert, have a created a contemporary soul stirring musical odyssey that will transport you on a unique journey from the depths of Inner Spirit to the outer reaches of Blissful Consciousness. Shiva Shakti combines five newly recorded Quintessence favourites (including the popular "Notting Hill Gate") with five eclectic new songs. Shiva and Rudra have artfully merged the sincere and inspirational devotional chants of the East with the innovative and boundless Euro-Rock influences of the West.

Visit the Shiva's Quintessence web site for details, bio and interviews:
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SUNRISE - Devotional Didgeridoo
[Phil Jones]

Along with the Australian Didgeridoo, Phil has added new vocal dimensions highlighted by Devotional Chanting, Spoken Word, and Vocal Toning. Tibetan Gongs, the Lap Drum, Synthesizer, Irish Tin Whistle, Native American Flute, and Scottish Bagpipes comprise a variety of textures woven throughout this boundless and timeless journey. This album was written and recorded in one take. The purpose of this was to capture the spontaneity and creativity of Phil's vocal techniques and didgeridoo improvisations on CD. Phil's producer and musical partner, Gus Mancini was an integral part of this creative process. His main instruments on this album were the Irish Tin Whistle, Synthesizer and Bass. The Lap Drum was invented and played by Ken Lovelett.

[Phil Jones]

"Samadhi" is Australian musician Phil Jones' deeply inspired endeavor to bridge the gap between spiritually infused lyrics and chants with a broader spectrum of conventional musical genres. An eclectic group of musicians were invited from different parts of the United States to share their unique talents and personal interpretations to the project. Encourage by Phil's concept of improvisation, the artistic landscape continually evolved until the mysterious destination finally revealed itself. "Samadhi" is a passionate devotional adventure that stretches the traditional boundaries of ancient spiritual musical expression.

[Phil Jones]

Meditation Om Chant gently soothes the mind, body and soul, and creates a serene and sacred space for meditation, massage, and yoga. Let the anxieties, thoughts, and tension melt away with the healing vibration of the Cosmic Om and the mesmerizing primordial drone of the Australian didgeridoo.

[Phil Jones]

Didgeridoo is a great tool for meditation, resulting in clarity of mind, tremendous focus, determination and the ability to formulate and fulfill your destiny and goals. In this CD, Phil Jones explains the four steps to playing the didgeridoo: Pure Tone, Projection, Twang and Circular Breathing, plus its inner secrets & gateways to open & access the chakras.

[Phil Jones]

Pure Australian didgeridoo played similarly to a one-on-one vibrational therapy session. This CD is very meditative, has helped insomniacs fall asleep, and is not recommended while driving a car.
Didgeridoo Meditations was created by Phil Jones to help soothe, calm and gently guide the listener to his or her core being: a place of clarity, centeredness and deep peace. This CD was recorded with the spontaneity and intuitive inspiration Phil accesses during his individual vibrational therapy sessions, creating a therapeutic space where a person can reach deep meditative states of awareness and also galvanize intended goals and affirmations. This album was produced by Phil's musical partner, Gus Mancini.

[Phil Jones]

This album takes you on your own shamanic journey. The main theme is the Australian didgeridoo accompanied by Native American flute and drum, Pan flute, Aboriginal clap sticks, animal and nature sounds, guitar, Native American chanting and the Hindu OM. Didgeridoo Dreamings was created by Phil Jones with the intention of taking the listener on an inner mystery tour. Phil uses the didgeridoo and clapsticks from his native country of Australia in conjunction with indigenous instruments and chanting from North America, India and South America. Didgeridoo Dreamings assists the listener's ability to relax, let go of limitations and fears, and to consciously dream and flow with Spirit. Each journey is unique and rewarding, providing the listener an opportunity to explore exotic cultural sounds and influences as well as uncharted territories within the Self.

[Phil Jones and Ray Brooks]

An unusual pairing of Phil's Australian didgeridoo with the Japanese Shakuhachi flute, accompanied by atmospheric Tibetan and Hindu chanting sung by Phil Jones. The flute is played by Ray Brooks, a world renowned Shakuhachi player, soon to have his fascinating life story published in book form. The album was dove-tailed together by Phil's musical partner and producer, Gus Mancini.

[Phil Jones and Jon Gilutin]

A rhythmic drone consisting of the Australian didgeridoo, crystal bowls, tamboura, tabla and vocal chanting. This CD is popular with yoga classes.


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