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The DIDGERIDOO is a drone instrument that is purported to have originated in Arnhem Land, Australia about 50,000 years ago. It is created from the limbs of the eucalyptus and gum trees. Since each limb has been naturally hollowed out by white ants and termites, no two didgeridoos ever truly sound the same. The didgeridoo was traditionally played only be males during ceremony, and was also used as a means of communication by different tribes. It is said that the didgeridoo can be heard from a distance of 500 miles. the vibrational sound of the didgeridoo has a unique healing quality, and combined with the circular breathing techniques, it creates a harmonic resonance within the person playing it and also for those who are listening nearby.

Phil Jones, also known as "Shiva", is a musician who has performed extensively as a Blues-Jazz-Rock artist throughout Australia, the UK, Europe and the US since 1966. Phil began his career as a Blues singer, and was the first Australian to have a hit Blues single. During the late 60's and early 70's, Phil's career continued in the UK and Europe with the band Quintessence (compilation CD's available from ). It was with this band, as the lead singer and song writer, that Phil was able to successfully blend Hindu chants and Eastern philosophies into a current rock format.   During this time, Phil met his spiritual master, Swami Ambikananda in London and spent seven years studying his universal philosophy on life and spirituality.   Quintessence recorded five albums and also performed two solo concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, and the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.  He has also made extensive radio and television appearances in California, New York, Europe and Australia.  For the past 30 years Phil has travelled the world using sound as a form of healing and meditation.

In subsequent years, Phil spent time in his native country of Australia learning the didgeridoo from the Australian Aborigines. Already having an appreciation for the healing qualities of ancient Hindu chants, Phil recognized the similar vibrational characteristics of the 10,000 year old Aboriginal instrument, and soon began to explore its exceptional tones in combination with those derived from other indigenous cultures. Phil was a liason to the Board of Directors for the Spirit Of The Land Foundation in Australia, a non-profit organization that endeavors to preserve Aboriginal culture and bring their message of sustainability and healing to the world, and he was affiliated with Dr. Deepak Chopra's The Chopra Center For Well Being in San Diego, California.

Phil has recorded numerous Didgeridoo albums:

SUNRISE (Devotional Didgeridoo)



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