Booking A Singapore Escort – More SG Escorts Related Posts On My Newsfeed Lately!

Wow, I actually secretly wrote (Yes, I kept it as a secret page instead of publicly publishing it due to privacy concerns), or rather, am seriously considering just meeting social escorts instead of trying to date ‘traditionally’ just two weeks ago, and I saw this article here appear today on my Twitter feed. It talks about whether men should feel embarrassed about looking for a social escort girl and booking female escort services.

I know, I sound a little repetitive about my desire to look for a companion in Singapore but unable to find one easily at all due to my age and perhaps lack of social interaction skills.

Perhaps you can call it the Law Of Attraction or whatever you want, but I have been seeing more articles on SG social escorts pop up in my Facebook newsfeed as well as my Twitter feed. Is that a sign from the Universe that maybe I should consider booking a girl?

After reading the above article, it gave me some deep thoughts about this topic, and so I actually decided to gather some courage and publicly write my thoughts on booking social escorts here publicly.

It seems that more girls are becoming escorts in Singapore in recent years

I do not know if this is a function of the Internet bringing to light many things which used to be secret in the past, or whether there is an actual increase in the percentage and number of Singaporean girls doing so lately.

But from the looks of it, it seems like a combination of both! What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments section below!

It seems that really respectable type of people are the ones who actually look for Singapore escorts, and its not your run of the mill sleazy Singaporean uncles at all!

It is said that when it comes to prostitutes, it is your low income uncles who look for them. However, when it comes to high class, luxury and sophisticated companions like escorts, they really are only booked by supposedly powerful business clients. I guess that is true – after all, even just watching TV drama serials and movies, you always see the rich businessmen end up with hot girls, most of whom probably are not his girlfriend but are simply an escort.

Looking for a social escort is a noble decision if you do not wish to date seriously

One of the things that pulled my attention to that article was the last point mentioned in it, and that is if one is not looking to get married right away, because he has not found the right one yet, then there is no point to date normally. This is because when it comes to social escorts, there are no strings attached and this understanding is mutual right from the start. There will be no messy hang ups in the middle term.

I do not know if that is their way of persuading people to book their escort services, but it sure made me think of booking their escort ladies…

Maybe I should try to book, after all, what is the worst case scenario? I waste some money. The best case? It is exactly what I want. No harm after all – I am already in my forties and still single anyway!

I will be updating this post or posting a new article if I so decide to book their services, and if I feel courageous enough to share my experiences here! Wish me luck!